Now that our team is in place, it’s time for a new image.

“None of us is as good as all of us.”

Ray Kroc,
McDonalds Founder

New Name

TriForce Team Ltd.​

New Vision

Build the best team


Winning Team

Best Team = Best Employees + Best Suppliers + Best Customers


New Mission

To Build and Develop our team by empowering each of us to continuously grow to attain our full potential.


Core Values

Safety First

Positive Attitude

Be Professional

Do it Right the First Time


Work Smarter, Not Harder

Think like an Owner

Our Services

Protect your business, condo, apartment complex, townhouse, warehouse with a reliable roof constructed by a professional roofing company.  We are the go-to team that many commercial and industrial businesses depend upon for roof repairs, installs and replacements.

 New Vision for the Future
 New Brand Image
 Corporate Name
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691 boul. Malenfant Blvd., Suite 4

Dieppe, NB  E1A 5T8

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